Home Healthcare Or Nursing Home? Which Suits Your Parent Better

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If you have an aging parent who has been displaying some actions that make you worry about their well-being at home on their own, you will most likely start to look into getting help within the home or in at a professional facility. Taking on an ailing parent can be a lot of work and many people need assistance in order to make sure they are being cared for properly. Here are some of the benefits in both home healthcare and nursing home assistance programs.

How Is Your Parent Suffering?

If your parent is having a lot of difficulty with tasks that involve walking and moving around the home, they may be able to continue living at home with a few adjustments. Rails can be placed around the home to help them get around in addition to a cane or walker. You can hire a home healthcare service, like Always Dependable, to come to the house each day to help your parent with medical, occupational and physical therapy needs.

If your parent is ailing from a mental disorder such as Alzheimer's Disease, they might be better cared for at a nursing home facility. Since they may forget things easily, it is somewhat of a risk to leave them at home alone. There are hazards within the home that could hurt your parent without them being aware, such as leaving the stove on and causing a fire.

What To Expect

If you hire a home care assistance service, they will do chores around the home that your parent is no longer able to do on their own. They will do the shopping, cleaning, and meal preparation. This is a different service than home healthcare, but they can both be hired if your parent is in need of help in all aspects. Home healthcare workers will take care of the health of your parent, including taking them to doctor's appointments, changing dressings, or monitoring medication dosages.

If you bring your parent to a nursing home facility, all of these services will be provided at the residence. Your parent will be cared for in every way, while being able to enjoy living in an establishment where they are able to socialize and take part in activities daily. They will have their own room where healthcare workers will visit to give any needed medical assistance. All meals will be handled by the staff at the facility.


26 February 2015

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