What To Expect During Your Gender Reveal Ultrasound


If you have opted to go in specifically for a gender reveal ultrasound, then this ultrasound will be a bit different than any other ultrasound that you have received. While your doctor may check your baby's health for certain issues, the main goal of this ultrasound will be to determine the gender of your baby. It is quite a fun and exciting ultrasound as well, so it may be more lighthearted and stress free than others that you have received. This article will talk about what you can expect during your gender reveal ultrasound. 

It Won't Be As Long As Other Ultrasounds

Since the main purpose of this ultrasound is to check the gender of your baby, it is generally short and sweet. For example, your anatomy ultrasound at around 20 weeks will take quite some time because the ultrasound tech will check the four chambers of your baby's heart, their internal organs, their size measurements, etc.. This takes a great deal of time, and is quite detailed. With your gender reveal ultrasound the ultrasound tech will take a quick look at your baby's health, but will then immediately move onto finding out the gender. 

A Quick Health Check Will Be Done

Since it is always important to check on the health of your unborn baby at any ultrasound opportunity, a quick health check will be done. First of all, the ultrasound tech will watch your little one's heartbeat and will test it to see what pace it is beating at. The ultrasound tech will then measure your baby's stomach, head, and femur bone to see if they are on track size wise according to your due date. This helps them to know if the baby is on track, or if something may be wrong growth-wise. This information will all be recorded and will be available for your doctor to look at. 

They May Not Be Able To Identify The Gender 

​In some instances, the ultrasound tech may not be able to identify the gender of your baby. This may be because your baby is moving around too much for them to get a clear view, or because they are in a position where their genital area is facing away from the ultrasound. If this is the case, there are a few different options that the ultrasound tech may give you. They may offer to reschedule the appointment and try again in week or so, or they may offer you a refund for the ultrasound. For more information on ultrasounds, contact an OBGYN office, such as Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC


16 December 2015

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