Power Problems: Protecting Your Lift Chair From Lightning


If you are getting a lift chair, you're likely concentrating on fit, positions, and other immediately important features of the chair. This is understandable, of course, but you also have to think about issues that might not crop up all that often, such as protecting the electronics in the chair if your area is prone to strong storms. Lift chairs do require power, which means plugging them into an outlet or running them on battery power. If you don't take proper care of the chair's electronics, you could find yourself out of luck when you try to use the lift feature.

Power Surges and Lightning Strikes

Your chair faces two threats from electricity: a home-based power surge and a lightning strike. Sometimes the appliances connected to your home's electrical system create a brief but damaging spike in the current, sending a surge of power through the system. This can happen because of events as innocent as an appliance turning on. These surges are why so many people have surge protectors connecting outlets and appliances. To protect the chair from these run-of-the-mill surges, connect it to a surge protector that can support the number of amps that the chair needs to function.

Lightning strikes also create power surges, but these are much stronger and can actually steamroll over any surge protectors you have, still causing damage to any appliances plugged into the system. In this case, you don't want to risk anything. If a lightning storm is headed your way, or if the forecast calls for lightning while you're away at work, for example, unplug the chair. Don't just turn the protector off -- physically separate the chair from the electrical system in the home.

Battery Care

Lift chairs come with battery backups, so you'll still be able to use the chair if it's unplugged. However, these chairs tend to drain batteries very quickly. Medical Center Supply notes that some batteries run only for one or two cycles. If you end up using the chair while it's unplugged, change the battery after the storm is over. Keep extra batteries on hand, too, and change the batteries every few months.

With proper care, your chair will continue to provide support and comfort no matter the weather. If you have more questions about the batteries or power supply for your chair, contact lift chair sellers like Corner Home Medical or others now to find brand-specific advice, as well as supplies like extra batteries.


16 January 2016

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