Do Your Symptoms Indicate A Heart Attack Or Panic Attack?

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Every year, more than 200,000 women will die from a heart attack. Because of this, women should be especially careful when it comes to certain symptoms associated with heart attacks. Unfortunately, many women also suffer from panic attacks which have many of the same symptoms has a heart attack. According to research, there are over 6 million women living with panic disorder. While both can be serious, a panic attack does not usually lead to death like a heart attack is known to do. When developing symptoms of either, it is important to visit the doctor to help relieve the symptoms and ensure there is not a bigger underlying problem. To help you understand the difference between a panic attack and a heart attack, here are some helpful tips. 

Chest Pains

Not all heart attacks are accompanied by chest pain, but panic attacks can. This can make it very hard to distinguish between the two. One way to tell if the chest pain is signaling a panic attack is if it is fleeting. If you experience a short bout of chest pain and it goes away, this is likely it is a panic attack and not a heart attack. When experiencing chest pain, you may want to try changing positions. If you feel the pain worsen or get better, this is another good indication that you aren't experiencing a heart attack. 

Fear and Anxiety

Usually when it is a panic attack, the pain will accompany some anxiety. Panic attacks can occur off and on throughout the day. If you have been fearful that day, then this anxiety could be moving into a panic attack. It is important to note your history with anxiety and panic attacks when determining what exactly is causing the chest pain. You should also determine what your fear is. While experiencing anxiety can come along with a heart attack or panic attack, the fear normally lies just with the pain during a heart attack. Fear and anxiety can stem from a number of different things not associated with the chest pain when it is a panic attack. 

Numbness and Tingling

Just like you may experience tingling and numbness with a heart attack, in a panic attack, you would experience this anywhere on the body. During a heart attack, many patients complain about a numbing or tingling pain only in the left arm. Take special note where other pains may be occurring when you have chest pain. This will not only help you determine the difference, but it can help a doctor, like the one at Cardiology Associates Of Schenectady PC, come to a diagnosis much quicker. 


3 February 2016

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