Aquatic Therapy Can Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Lead A More Active Life

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Although rheumatoid arthritis isn't often categorized as a serious illness, it does come along with serious implications. If you suffer from this disease, swollen and tender joints, frequent fatigue and stiff joints are just some of the symptoms you face on a regular basis. While there is no cure available, aquatic therapy can help you lead a more pain-free and active life.

What Is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a form of exercise treatment that is performed in water. It is sometimes referred to as hydrotherapy. The weight of the water offers a heightened level of resistance that allows you to gain increased strength and flexibility, while also taking the extra pressure off your joints, allowing you to work harder and for longer periods of time with minimal discomfort.

Aquatic therapy is generally performed in a heated pool, as warmer water naturally increases blood flow, which can help relieve discomfort and relax tight or stiff joints and muscles.

Decrease Swelling

One of the main things that plagues rheumatoid arthritis sufferers is swollen joints, which is often the main cause for the discomfort and limited mobility you're experiencing. The weight of water creates an increased level of hydrostatic pressure that somewhat compresses your joints.

While it might seem that this process would make you uncomfortable, the elevated pressure level actually works as a stabilizer that makes performing movements easier and, most importantly, relieves the pressure from your joints. Combined, these two factors can help reduce swelling while you're in the water and for a period after.

Increase Muscle Strength

Over a period of time, rheumatoid arthritis can also reduce the level of strength you have in your joints and your muscles. Once this problem has onset, even if you aren't in any discomfort, moving around can be a challenge. In addition to becoming fatigued rather easily, you may experience mobility issues because your reduced strength makes it harder to balance safely without the fear of falling.

The weight of water naturally builds an increased level of resistance. Increased resistance in the water can yield the same return as lifting weights in the gym, but without the pain, helping you increase your strength.

An important goal of many rheumatoid arthritis suffers is the desire to return to their once active and vibrant lifestyles. Aquatic therapy can help move you in that direction, restoring your happiness and adding an increased level of fulfillment to your life. Contact a company like Integrated Medical Care for more information.  


27 June 2016

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