3 Ways To Save Money On Braces

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One of the most expensive dental procedures that you or your child can undergo is getting braces. In most cases, braces for children and adults can easily add up to several thousand dollars. Listed below are three ways to help you save money if you or your child need braces.

Dental Schools

One of the easiest ways to cut down on the cost of braces is to go to a dental school and have the braces done by students. In many cases, the amount that you will pay for the braces at a dental school will only be a small fraction of the cost of braces at an orthodontist.

While you may be hesitant about having an inexperienced individual apply the braces, you don't need to worry as the work will usually be supervised by an experienced orthodontist. In addition, the dental student doing the procedure will be very well-trained because he or she will already have undergone years of dental school before starting his or her orthodontic training. In order to find an accredited school that offers these types of services, you can use the Accredited Association of Orthodontists site to search by state. 

Supplemental Insurance

A major problem that many people run into when they need braces for themselves or their children is that their insurance will either cover a small portion of the procedure or nothing at all. In that situation, you will want to consider purchasing supplemental dental insurance.

In some cases, purchasing supplemental dental insurance may allow you to find a dental plan that covers a larger percentage of the procedure. Even if the additional dental plan doesn't cover the braces, it can often provide you with a discount on the procedure if you go to an in-network orthodontist. 

Speak To Your Orthodontist

Finally, you will want to discuss your financial situation with your orthodontist. Many orthodontists are often willing to work with their patients in order to give them the care that they need. For example, if you cannot pay for the service in full, your orthodontist will usually be willing to discuss a payment plan. 

Another option that some orthodontists may offer is a discount on the procedure to make it easier on your budget. This discount can either be a payment plan with a lower interest rate due to your financial situation or a percentage off the total price of the procedure if you pay for it in a single payment. 

Contact Reed Orthodontics to discuss your options when it comes to saving money on your or your child's braces. Utilizing dental schools, supplemental dental insurance, and your orthodontist are all great options for potentially saving a bit of money on braces.


25 July 2016

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