Techniques For Keeping Your Hands Dry To Prevent Warts

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If someone in your family or close circle of friends has a wart on his or her hand, you might be nervous about contracting this virus through hand-to-hand touching. While it's generally advisable to avoid touching hands with this person as much as possible, and to wash your hands thoroughly after any contact, there are some other steps that you can take to reduce your risk of getting a wart on your hand, too. Warts are more likely to occur in damp environments, which means that even if you come in contact with the virus, it might not manifest into a wart if you can successfully keep your hands dry. Here are some strategies to achieve this goal.

Avoid Wearing Gloves

If you're doing anything during which you typically wear gloves, think twice about using them. With gloves on, any sweat on your hands will linger, which will create a damp environment that is conducive to the growth of a wart. For example, if you're going to be cutting the lawn and typically wear gardening gloves for the task, it's better to do the job with bare hands. Even if you sweat, the fresh air will keep your hands relatively dry, thus reducing the risk of the wart virus turning into a wart.

Skip The Jewelry

Jewelry can also be problematic if you're concerned about being exposed to the wart virus. For example, water can get trapped between your rings and your skin, and if the virus is present, this area could soon experience the growth of a wart. Rings can keep the skin beneath them damp long after the rest of your hands are dry, whether you've been sweating or you've just rinsed your hands in the sink. Try to avoid wearing any unnecessary jewelry; if you want to keep your wedding ring on, try to slide it around on your finger to allow the skin below it to air dry.

Use Some Baby Powder

If you're having trouble keeping your hands dry, it can be a concern. For example, if you live in a hot, humid climate and you sweat heavily, your hands can stay damp for long stretches of time. A simple remedy for this problem is to keep a small bottle of baby powder handy. You can pour a little of the powder onto your wet hands once you've wiped them dry on a towel, and the powder will absorb any lingering moisture and help the skin stay as dry as possible. If you believe that you've contracted the wart, schedule a visit with your local dermatologist for advice.

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7 October 2016

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