2 Kinds Of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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If you or a family member have been in the hospital or a rehabilitation center and need to go home or be transferred to other facilities, getting that transportation can be difficult. You may not be able to ride in a normal car or you might not have a car to transport yourself. There are options that you can work with. 

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation

One way that you can get the transportation that you need is to use an ambulance. Most ambulance companies, whether they are run by the hospital or by a private company, will offer non-emergency service. This service is helpful if you are being transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation center or have been released by the hospital so that you can go home but need to have the support that you can get from the ambulance versus a car.

For example, if you have had surgery that will cause you to have to spend time in bed until you are healed, you may not be able to get in your car and have someone drive you home. The ambulance will be able to take you home on one of their stretchers and then transfer you from their gurney to your bed so that you don't have to walk. Most insurance companies will cover that kind of transportation, but they may have restrictions on mileage. Make sure that you call your insurance company to check into that before you need it. 

Hospital Transportation

Some hospitals offer transportation to their patients to help get them home. The transportation service may offer several different medical transportation choices. One is that they may connect with a local community action program that provides transportation to and from medical appointments so that people who can ride in a regular car can get home. The hospital may also have wheelchair vans. That has multiple uses. One is that people who use wheelchairs regularly are able to use that van to get home. Another is that you can ride in the wheelchair from the hospital to your house and then be wheeled into your home and then into your bed. Unless the wheelchair is something that you own or have rented for the duration of your healing process, the transport company will take the chair back with them. 

Getting yourself home from the hospital or to another facility can be tricky. However, you can arrange transportation so that you can do that. 


10 November 2016

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