Memorial Gifts for Those Who Attend a Cremation Service


When you are planning a cremation service for a lost loved one, you may consider who you want to share in the celebration of the person's life. Since they can be held at any point after the person passes away, these are sometimes even held weeks or months after a death. Because of that, it is not customary to place notices of the memorial in newspapers, whereas funerals are often announced in an obituary. Sometimes cremation services can be more exclusive than regular funerals.

Unisex Locket or Necklace

A small but meaningful gift can be a necklace that honors your loved one. You may inscribe their name and other vital information on a small locket and then include their favorite photos inside it. If you are having a small cremation service where only close friends or family members are attending, you may also choose to get a cremation necklace where you can put a small part of the deceased loved one's ashes in each necklace. That will essentially allow you to share the remains with those who were closest to them, and that can be an extremely meaningful gift for the cremation service.

Celebration-of-Life Booklet

The traditional format of funeral programs is often adapted for a cremation service, and it can be a great way to let guests know what to expect at the memorial service. However, a celebration-of-life booklet is something else. It focuses on the life of the deceased person that is being celebrated at the cremation service. Below are the things you may want to include in the celebration booklet:

  • Photographs of the person as they were from infancy until the year of their death.
  • Short memories that loved ones share about the person.
  • Biography of the person that's told in a way that is more personal than a factual obituary.
  • Fun facts about the loved one, such as their favorite movie or song.
  • Memorable quotes that people remember the person saying.
  • List of ways that people can honor the memory of the person.

When giving the celebration-of-life booklet to guests, talk about the inspiration behind creating it and what you want them to remember about your loved one.

Finally, although the cremation service is typically an event where people express their feelings of mourning, it can also be very cathartic for those who share in your love for the deceased person. Giving a memorial gift to those who attend can provide them with a tangible item that they can treasure and look at in remembrance of your lost loved one.

Talk to a funeral home such as Romero Family Funeral Home Corp. for more ideas.


6 January 2017

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