How To Help Your Child Avoid Getting The Flu

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Children have weaker immune systems than adults, so they are more susceptible to illnesses like the flu. Kids who catch the flu may experience fever, muscle aches, runny nose, and other unpleasant symptoms. That's why you should help your child avoid contracting this illness in the first place. Here are a few ways to keep your child from getting the flu.

Teach Your Child to Never Share Food and Drinks

It's common for children to share their food and drinks with each other during lunch at school. Unfortunately, this can spread germs. If your child eats something that a sick child touched, he or she may get sick too. Tell your child to avoid sharing food and beverages with other kids.

Get Your Child in the Habit of Regular Hand Washing

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to fight off germs. People often think of hand washing as only pertaining to using the bathroom, but children and adults alike should always wash their hands before eating and after playing outdoors. Make sure that your child uses plenty of soap and washes his or her hands thoroughly for several seconds.

Encourage Your Child to Exercise

Regular exercise will not just help your child maintain a healthy weight; it can also help him avoid illnesses. Physical activity is known for strengthening the immune system and fighting off germs. Be sure that your child gets plenty of exercise most days of the week. Instead of letting him or her watch TV all Saturday, for example, encourage him or her to play with friends outside.

Avoid Crowded Place

It is best not to take your child to crowded places, like ball pits and indoor playgrounds. With so many other kids around, your child can contract the flu or another illness. If you do take your child to a crowded place, have your little one wash his or her hands afterward.

Feed Your Child Immune Boosting Snacks

Instead of letting your child snack on chips and candy, give him or her immune boosting snacks, like yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. These foods are packed with vitamins and minerals that can help your child fight off illnesses.

Following these helpful tips can reduce your child's risk of contracting the flu. However, if your little one still does catch the flu, have him or her stay in bed and drink plenty of liquids. If symptoms last more than a few days, make an appointment to see a doctor at a clinic like Hampstead Medical Center PC.


17 July 2017

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