What Are The Best Augmentation Options For Tubular Breasts?

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Whether your breasts have always had a somewhat tubular appearance or have changed shape following the birth of a child (or children), you could find yourself spending hours shopping for supportive undergarments that will essentially squish your breasts into a more aesthetically appealing shape, or even winding up with upper back problems from hunching over due to self-consciousness. You may wonder whether augmentation is a viable option or if you have enough breast tissue to support rounder, more symmetrical breasts. Read on to learn more about the best augmentation options for breasts that tend to be more tubular than spherical in shape.

Why are certain breasts tubular in shape? 

Although every breast is different, women who have tubular (or "tuberous") breasts tend to have some common characteristics, from puffy areolae to undersized or asymmetrical breasts. This appearance tends to manifest in puberty, and may have a genetic component: if your mother had tubular breasts, it's often likely you'll have them as well. Fortunately, the pliability of the breast tissue can ensure that even tuberous breasts may be well-suited to implants that can remarkably change their appearance.

What are the best augmentation options for tubular breasts?

Traditionally, breast implants consisted of silicone in a shell of medical-grade polymer. When exposed to the nearly 100-degree temperature of the human body, this silicone transforms from a solid into a semi-liquid and becomes remarkably similar to natural breast tissue in appearance and touch. However, early silicone breast implants caused some problems when their enclosing capsules ruptured, sending medical silicone outside the implant to settle into other breast or bodily tissues.

Today's implants have a nearly impenetrable shell filled with saline, silicone, or a biomaterial that is similar to silicone in feel and function. This can present you with a wide range of options and allow you to choose the implant that "checks off" the most boxes. 

Although your plastic surgeon will work with you to determine which type of implant is best-suited to your particular breast shape, the amount of skin you have, and your medical history, in many cases, patients find silicone implants to provide the shaping they need while still looking completely natural. If you don't have much breast tissue of your own or your upper rib cage is prominent, a saline implant may have a visible "line" around the perimeter of the implant, while a silicone implant will more closely blend in with your flesh. Visit a site like http://christinenygaard.com/ for more help.


14 September 2017

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