Doctor Got You On Bed Rest For Your Pregnancy: 4 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Keep Your Muscles Active

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If you've been confined to bed rest during your pregnancy, you're probably running out of things to do. Depending on how long you'll be on bed rest, your muscles could start showing signs of weakness by the time you deliver. If your doctor has given you orders to stay in bed unless you need to shower or use the restroom, you're not going to have the opportunity to get in a full exercise routine. However, there are still some things you can do while on bed rest that will help you keep your muscles moving, and your blood circulating. While you're on bed rest, get the okay from your doctor, and then use these exercises to help keep your muscles active.

Keep Your Muscles Active

While you're on bed rest, you won't be doing much walking, but that doesn't mean your muscles need to stop working. During bed rest, move your muscles to prevent stiffness. Begin by moving your neck in slow, gentle circles. Next, move down to your shoulders, and slowly roll them back and forth in circles. Continue moving down your body, moving your arms, and then your wrists in slow, gentle circles. Follow the same pattern for your ankles.

Count Out the Kegels

You're going to need tight pelvic muscles when it comes time for labor and delivery. That's where the kegels come in handy. You can do kegels at any time, including when you're on bed rest. If you haven't started doing your daily kegels, you need to start. Begin your kegels by tightening the muscles that stop and start urine flow. Tighten your muscles like you're trying to stop yourself from urinating. Hold your muscles tight for about 5 seconds, and then release. Repeat the exercise several times. You can do this exercise throughout the day.

Practice Your Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts are another good exercise to do while you're on bed rest. Pelvic tilts will help you reduce lower back pain that can accompany pregnancy, and bed rest. Begin by laying flat on your back, bringing your knees up, and placing your feet flat on the mattress. Now, slowly bring your pelvis up towards the ceiling, while breathing out. As you breathe in, slowly lower your pelvis down to the mattress. Repeat the exercise about five times.

Lift Your Legs

Your legs are going to get tired from laying in bed all day. You can help keep them tone, and alleviate the discomfort by doing leg lifts a couple of times a day. Lay on the bed, with your back flat against the mattress. Bring one knee up, with your foot resting flat on the mattress. Slowly lift the other leg until it's even with your bent knee. Now, slowly bring your leg back down to the mattress. Repeat with the other leg.

If your doctor has put you on bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy, use the exercises provided here to help keep your muscles active. Before you begin these exercises, be sure to clear them with your doctor. For more information, contact establishments like Vita Center For Women LLC.


4 October 2017

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