For Optimal Recovery, See An Orthopedist Right After Your Injury

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When you suffer an injury, you may be tempted to delay or skip a visit your orthopedist. But this will affect your chances of attaining full recovery. In the long run it will cost you more.

Here's what to do in case of an injury.

Apply the RICE Method

This is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation; some kind of first aid technique. Stop the activity and apply an ice pack on the area. Compress the area with a bandage to reduce the swelling.

Finally, elevate the area above the rest of your body. This remedy will only act to ease the pain temporarily and reduce the swelling; but will not go to the root cause of the problem.

When to See a Doctor


As soon as you experience an injury, you do well to see your orthopedist right away. Some sports injuries can turn out to be emergencies. Others may not seem life-threatening but may worsen with time.

Some conditions may not be noticeable immediately they happen. For example, after a car accident, you may feel fine but that does not mean that you are actually fine.

Acute Injuries

When you suspect an acute injury, do not delay to see your orthopedist. An acute injury is one that occurs suddenly, often in the course of exercise.

Such injuries include excessive bleeding, bruising, deformity, sharp pain and inability to use the injured part normally. Some acute injuries may lead you straight to the emergency room.

Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries are those injuries that were not treated on time and which recur or worsen with time. They are a result of overuse and improper training techniques.

Why see a Doctor at Once?

Proper Diagnosis

When you see an orthopedist as soon as you experience injury, you will get a proper diagnosis of your problem. The orthopedist will be able to use special technology such as X-ray, CT scan or MRI to help diagnose the problem.

Faster Recovery

A combination of treatment methods such as medication, injections and physical therapy will help you to recover faster. Without treatment, conditions will take longer to heal.  

Avoid Deterioration

Delay to seek treatment will put the area under more pressure, causing your injury to get worse and become harder to treat. In some cases, the injury may even become permanent.

Get Referred to a Sports Physical Therapist

Sports physical therapy is important for optimal healing, but you can't be sure you're ready for it until you're cleared by a doctor. Get seen by a doctor in order to be referred by the right rehabilitation specialist.

When you put off seeing your orthopedist, you are only delaying the problem. As a result, you may be covering up a more serious problem; you may worsen the condition and you may not know what you're dealing with. Worst of all, you will be delaying your recovery.



30 May 2018

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