3 Factors That Affect Your Choice In Erectile Dysfunction Medications

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There are several medications available by prescription used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Although your doctor might simply prescribe you one to try, you should consider which ED treatment drugs might be the best choice for your needs.

1. Cost

Cost can be a major factor in treating ED and which medication you choose. These medications are considered to be more expensive because the price per pill is usually higher. Medications that have been on the market longer and are available in generic form, such as sildenafil, are generally less expensive. If you have insurance, there may be certain medications that are preferred by your insurance company, so you should check with your insurance before making suggestions to your doctor.

Some ED medications might be available for a lower price on the generic list at mass merchandisers. This allows people without insurance or those with insufficient insurance coverage to try an ED medication. Other options include discount cards that can be used to make every ED medication more affordable.

2. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can affect the ED medication you choose. If you live a busy life with frequent travel or working long hours, you might prefer a medication that does not require much planning. Tadalafil is a popular ED choice because it remains active for up to 36 hours with a single dose. Some men choose to take tadalafil each day, so it is always in their system, and they can have sex without any preparation.

Even with a medication that has a long duration or continuous effectiveness, no ED medication is meant to be effective on its own. You still need to be in the mood and may need to engage in romantic activities with your partner to achieve an erection. For men who do not mind a little planning, short-acting ED medications may fit their needs. Avanafil works within a half-hour, but the effects wear-off in less than 12 hours.

3. Medical Issues

Any ongoing medical issues you have might affect your choice of medication or whether it is safe to take any ED medication. Since there can be interactions between some heart medicines and ED medications, not all men who have ED can take medication. Some ED medications become ineffective if they are taken around meals.

Men who may face difficulties scheduling their medication around meals, such as diabetics who might need regular snacks, might find it is best to choose an ED medication that is not affected by food, such as avanafil or tadalafil. Your doctor will inform you of any scheduling that you need to do if you take an ED medication if you have other chronic disease medicines.

Making the choice between ED medications is not easy since each man's needs are different. Understanding how each medication works and its cost will help you make the right decision.


22 October 2018

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