Treatment From An Asthma Doctor And Changes To Your Home Might Reduce Your Asthma Attacks

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Allergy-induced asthma is a frustrating condition because you have the combined symptoms of allergies and asthma. The allergic reaction affects your lungs and airways, causing you to wheeze and feel short of breath. Asthma can be a frightening and serious medical condition, so seeking treatment and management from an asthma doctor helps reduce the severity and frequency of your attacks. Here are some important things to know about allergy-induced asthma.

Learn What Causes Your Asthma Attack

It's possible your asthma attacks are also triggered by other things such as exercise, stress, or even breathing cold air. This makes it difficult to figure out what causes the episodes when they're triggered by an allergen. The way to know for sure is to see a doctor and be tested. Once you know what's likely to cause wheezing and other symptoms, you can go to great lengths to avoid it. For instance, you might be allergic to cats, so if you can rehome your cat and stay away from other cats, your asthma attacks might decrease.

Follow The Doctor's Orders For Treatment

Asthma treatments are given to treat wheezing when it happens, but they also work to prevent wheezing and shortness of breath. Because of this, you might be fooled into thinking your condition has cleared up and slack off on your medications, but that could be a mistake that causes your symptoms to return. Always follow the instructions of your asthma doctor so you can prevent the attacks as much as possible.

Adapt Your Home To Your Condition

While your doctor might give you allergy shots or medication to control your symptoms, you should also create an allergy-free environment in your home to the best degree possible. If you learn you are allergic to dust mites, then controlling dust is essential through frequent cleaning and changing your HVAC filter regularly. You may even want to pull up the carpet and install hard floors that can be damp mopped daily to get rid of dust. Using an air purifier in your bedroom is another option to consider, especially when pollen counts are high.

You can't control the outdoors or what you're exposed to at work, but you can do a lot to make your home a comforting oasis that is free from allergens. By keeping your home free from the things that make your asthma worse, you'll have a safe place to retreat when your symptoms flare and a safe place to sleep and spend a good deal of your time without being triggered.


10 April 2019

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