Tips For Using CBD For Arthritis Pain

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If you have an arthritis condition and want to reduce your discomfort, then you may want to start using CBD oils. These oils can be used in a variety of ways to limit your pain, but if you have not used the oils before, then you may need a few tips to help you get started. Keep reading to learn about some things to help you.

Start With A Low Dose Pill

CBD oils can be purchased in a variety of different ways, so you have some options when it comes to product availability. For consistent pain relief, it is often best to start off with a capsule product that is a relatively low dose. Dosages range from about two to three milligrams to over 1,000 milligrams. Start with the lowest-dose product you can find and take one capsule to see how this benefits you. Take the capsule with water and note any side effects like anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, or a poor appetite. If they do develop, then consider opening the capsule and adding it to a bit of food.

Also, when you start on the lower dose, pay attention to whether or not your pain is relieved and to what extent the CBD oil helps you. Slowly start taking more than one of the capsules at a time and then move up to a higher dose if you need to. 

Keep in mind that some manufacturers will add some additional ingredients to their CBD products. If you are having trouble with side effects, think about buying a different brand of oil. Go with a purified form of the oil if side effects are bothersome.

Mix The Oil With Lotion

Some people with arthritis find that the CBD oil works well when applied topically. This allows the oil to soak into the skin and to reduce discomfort where you need the relief most. And, if you have found a capsule or an oil product that you like, you can add it directly to your favorite lotion. Simply place about one-eighth of a cup of lotion in a bowl and add about one teaspoon of the oil. Mix up the lotion and apply a generous amount to your aching joints.

If you do not want to make up your own lotion, then you also have the option of purchasing either a CBD salve or lotion that is made up for you. 

For more information on CBD oil, contact a company that sells it.


21 June 2019

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