Why Your Medical Clinic Should Use Patient Journey Mapping

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If you are a healthcare professional you probably understand that the patient journey starts long before the individual ever comes into your office. There are many steps in the process and patients typically don't mention much about the steps they took to remedy their own problem prior to seeing you. What if there was some way for you to know more about what the patient goes through even when they are no longer in your facility? Using patient journey mapping software is an excellent way for you to take a more active role in the lives of the people who seek out your assistance.

Strong Aftercare Matters

Aftercare is a huge part of any treatment plan. There is only so much you can do as the doctor and if you prescribe medications, physical therapy, or some other form of aftercare, you need the patient to commit to it in order for them to get well. It's one thing for you to actually say this while they are in the office, but if the person does not follow through, there can be some negative ramifications.

People who have friends and family members around them who know about the relationship you have with the patient could become angry if they don't see medical progress. This can have bad results because it doesn't take much for anyone to leave a harsh comment online about your clinic. What they don't know is that you set up a plan of treatment that the patient did not follow. Although you are aware of the lack of cooperation it won't matter if the public takes sides.

Keep Patients Engaged In The Process

Patient journey management software provides a great way for you to keep your clients on track when they are back home. The person can log into the software to see what medicines they need to take for the day as well as receive gentle reminders about follow-up visits and the contact information of specialists that they need to see. Each time the patient logs into the system there is a digital footprint that lets you know that they received the message. This should hopefully keep both parties on the same page so you can discuss outcomes the next time the patient comes to see you.

Patient journey mapping software could improve your medical program in so many ways. Purchase this amazing tool and start using it in your clinic today. Contact a company like Customer Evolution today for more information.


24 July 2019

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