Tips For Your First Dispensary Visit As Someone With Limited Mobility

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If you have a medical condition that limits your mobility, you may be used to struggling to get around in certain places. As such, you might be a little concerned as to what you can expect the first time you visit a dispensary to buy medical marijuana. But here's the thing: dispensaries are used to catering to people with a wide range of medical conditions, and they should be very accommodating to your needs as someone with limited mobility. Still, it is nice to know what to expect and what you can do to make the condition easier. Here are a few tips.

1. Call ahead to make sure someone will be available to help you.

Dispensaries can get busy, and you may need a little more assistance than the average customer. Therefore, it is nice, for both you and for the dispensary employees, if you are able to call ahead. Let them know that you have a little trouble getting around, and tell them about what time you plan on arriving. This way, an employee can make sure they are available to help you out. The dispensary will certainly still serve you if you don't call ahead, but you simply have a greater chance of not having to wait around as the employees deal with other customers. 

2. Don't be turned off if you are asked questions about your disability.

It can be uncomfortable to have a member of the general public ask you why your mobility is limited or what is wrong with your body. But if a dispensary worker asks you this, try not to be too worried. They are asking so that they can help. If they know what medical conditions you have and how you are affected, they will be better able to recommend the best products and strains. This is more like your doctor asking about your symptoms than like a waiter asking about your wheelchair.

3. Have a general idea of what products you want to try.

Since you may struggle to reach some of the products and need to have an employee get them down from a shelf for you, it's nice to come into the dispensary with at least some idea of what you want to look at. For instance, you should have an idea of what strains you are interested in and whether you want to try a vaporizer, flower, or edibles. This way, you won't have to struggle to reach or look at quite as many items — just the ones you are interested in.

Dispensaries are created for those dealing with mental and physical ailments, and they tend to be very accommodating to visitors with limited mobility. You can visit with pride and confidence, especially if you follow the tips above.

For more tips, reach out to a local cannabis dispensary.


27 August 2020

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