Tips for Managing Your Back Pain Without Surgery

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Chronic back pain can be very difficult to live with. Unfortunately, millions of people have to live with chronic back pain on a daily basis. While there are surgical procedures that can be used to help correct conditions that cause back pain, most medical professionals recommend that patients do as much as possible to manage their back pain before opting for surgery. In some cases, non-surgical back pain management methods can help immensely and allow you to complete your day-to-day activities without extreme pain and discomfort. Use the following tips to help you manage your chronic back pain without surgery:

Physical Therapy Sessions

When you're suffering from chronic back pain, it is natural to shy away from exercising, since it may be uncomfortable or painful. However, many issues that cause back pain can be solved or improved through physical therapy. Speak to your doctor, and seek out a physical therapist who specializes in working with patients who have back pain. Your physical therapist will do a thorough assessment and will then guide you through stretches and exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the area of your back that is bothering you. If you begin physical therapy, don't forget to do your prescribed exercises at home as well if you want the best results. 


If you have been suffering from back pain for an extended period of time, which indicates that you have a chronic issue as opposed to an acute injury, your doctor may recommend different types of injections to help curb the pain and make it easier to commence normal activities. These injections may include epidural steroid injections or nerve block injections, which can make a big difference in how much pain you experience. However, it is important to note that injections are not a permanent solution, and the effects will eventually wear off.

Pain Medication

In many cases, over-the-counter pain medications may help take the edge off of chronic back pain. But, make sure that you take the right dosage, as taking too much over the counter pain medication over the course of the day can cause health issues. Your doctor may also prescribe muscle relaxers to help you feel better. In the event that you are suffering from extreme back pain, your doctor may refer you to a pain management clinic where medical professionals can assist you and supervise the use of opioid medications if needed. 

For more information about back pain management, contact a local medical treatment service.


5 October 2020

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