PRP Hair Restoration Treatments Can Be Given Alone Or With Other Treatments To Fight Thin Hair

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PRP therapy is being used for many types of therapeutic and beauty treatments. It is often effective at stimulating tissue repair and growth. That's one reason PRP hair restoration is becoming more popular. It works for some types of hair loss, but it may not work well for others, so you'll need to be evaluated by a doctor to see if the treatments might help you. Here's a look at how the treatments are given.

PRP Hair Restoration Relies On Platelets To Work

Platelet-rich plasma is taken from your blood. This is one reason PRP treatments are so desirable. You don't have to worry about problems with a bad reaction since the platelets are taken from your blood right before they are injected into your scalp.

It doesn't hurt to give blood for a platelet sample. It's just like giving blood for a blood test. A sample is taken from your arm and then put in a centrifuge to be spun long enough to separate the components of your blood. The red blood cells fall out and the plasma separates into plasma and plasma with concentrated platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then taken from the sample so it can be injected into your scalp.

PRP Hair Restoration Involves Scalp Injections

Your doctor can provide a topical anesthetic so you don't feel any pain with the scalp injections. PRP can be given a couple of ways for PRP hair restoration. One is to inject the plasma using a needle, and the other is to use the plasma with a microneedle device.

Microneedling can sometimes stimulate hair growth too, and when it's used along with PRP, the results might be better than just using PRP alone. However, your doctor decides on the right way to apply the PRP hair restoration treatments.

You'll Need To Have Patience With The Process

PRP hair restoration doesn't cause your hair to grow overnight. You'll need multiple treatments over a several-week period, and then you'll probably have treatments a couple of times a year. You might notice some quick growth, but since your hair is on a growth cycle, you'll have to wait for all the hairs to grow out to see the results of your PRP therapy.

PRP hair restoration can be combined with other hair growth treatments, and it can even be used along with a hair transplant. PRP injections might make transplanted hairs stronger and healthier so they have a better chance of survival.

For more information on PRP hair restoration, contact a professional near you.


24 February 2022

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