Nervous About Going To The Gynecologist? Tips You Can Use To Have A Calm Visit

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If you feel uneasy about going for your yearly checkup at the gynecologist, you are not alone. While important for your health and wellbeing, gynecological exams can make you feel vulnerable and embarrassed. Following a few tips will help ease your mind and make your next trip to the gynecologist less intimidating.

Get informed

If you have never been to the gynecologist and have scheduled your first exam, use reliable resources, such as medical-approved websites, to get informed about the procedure and what takes place. Friends sharing their experiences may not be a reliable source, because everyone's body and experience is different. Not knowing what to expect is often where fears and anxieties stem from, so being properly informed can reduce anxiety substantially.

Get to know your gynecologist

Ask your gynecologist's office if you can schedule an appointment just to meet your doctor and discuss any concerns you have prior to your actual checkup. This can be done as a separate appointment or right before your exam takes place. This will go a long way in easing your fears because you can get to know your gynecologist while you are still dressed.  

Schedule your exam for the early morning

Anxiety leading up to an appointment tends to increase as the day goes by. If possible, schedule your gynecology appointment for early in the day. Early morning appointments usually mean less time spent sitting in the waiting room due to the physician's schedule getting backlogged.

Use relaxation techniques during the exam

Gynecology exams do not take long but there are a few tools you can use to keep you calm while the exam is in progress. Feeling tense can cause muscles to tighten and may lead to discomfort. Meditate on something positive while the exam is being performed to keep your mind focused or take several deep breaths to ease anxiety.

Voice any discomfort

If you do experience any discomfort during the exam or feel nervous, let your physician know. Prior to the exam, most gynecologists will ask you to let them know if you feel any pressure or discomfort. Your gynecologist is a trained professional who wants you to be as comfortable as possible during the exam.

Regular visits to the gynecologist are an important part of your healthcare plan and are vital for the prevention of disease. Gynecological visits are also necessary for treating sexually transmitted diseases and for addressing other reproductive system issues that may arise. Having a positive mindset when you go to your gynecologist can ease your anxiety and make the experience feel less intimidating. For more information, contact a gynecologist near you.


29 June 2022

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