2 Kinds Of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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If you or a family member have been in the hospital or a rehabilitation center and need to go home or be transferred to other facilities, getting that transportation can be difficult. You may not be able to ride in a normal car or you might not have a car to transport yourself. There are options that you can work with.  Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation One way that you can get the transportation that you need is to use an ambulance.

10 November 2016

Are You Experiencing Numbness And Tingling In Your Legs? Learn More About Cauda Equina Syndrome

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If you have been dealing with a ruptured disc in your lower back, you have probably experienced as lot of pain, especially when you walk a lot or sit too long in one position. You may have been going to a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic physician for a long time for managing the pain and immobility caused by a ruptured disc. However, if you suddenly begin to lose the feeling in your legs, you may assume it is because of the ruptured disc in your back causing it.

10 November 2016

Why Methadone Is Used To Treat Opioid Addiction: When Detox Alone Is Unsuccessful

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The opioid epidemic continues to grow in the United States. Detoxification from the substance is hard, and many people who successfully get through detox relapse when no longer in treatment. Heroin, morphine, and codeine and other narcotics are highly addictive, and some people prescribed legal medications for an injury or illness find that they become addicted to the substance even when they no longer need it. In order to reduce or eliminate side effects of withdrawal and to promote abstinence from illegal drug use, methadone treatment was developed.

26 October 2016

The Pros And Cons Of Using Collagen-Based Fillers For Facial Wrinkles

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If you have unwanted fine lines and wrinkles on your face, then you may be considering having dermal filler treatments. Some of the oldest and most common types of dermal fillers are collagen-based fillers. These products are made from collagen, a protein that gives your skin firmness and elasticity but decreases with age.  While collagen-based fillers work well for many, they're not for everyone. Here's a look at the pros and cons of this type of product.

13 October 2016

Techniques For Keeping Your Hands Dry To Prevent Warts

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If someone in your family or close circle of friends has a wart on his or her hand, you might be nervous about contracting this virus through hand-to-hand touching. While it's generally advisable to avoid touching hands with this person as much as possible, and to wash your hands thoroughly after any contact, there are some other steps that you can take to reduce your risk of getting a wart on your hand, too.

7 October 2016

Recently Diagnosed With Shingles? What Are Your Pain Management Options?

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If you've recently suffered an outbreak of shingles and begun your antiviral medication regimen, you may find yourself still waking up at night with nerve pain or itching that prevents you from resting. While narcotics or over-the-counter pain relievers can provide some relief from most of your painful symptoms, you may worry about drug interactions or find that these medications still can't get rid of all the discomfort you're experiencing. Fortunately, there are some other types of pain relievers that can result in a better outcome with minimal (if any) side effects.

23 September 2016

Different Types Of Available Help When You Leave The Hospital

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Just because a doctor says you are ready to leave the hospital and go home does not mean that you are ready to go back to your normal living routine. Before you leave, be sure to ask about having someone come to your home to help you. Here are a few different types of help that are available to you. Ask your doctor for advice on what would be the best arrangement for you, and make arrangements to have it start as soon as you get home.

2 September 2016

Researchers Working With DNA And Medicine Hope To Add Years Of Health To Your Life

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If you're a twin, you've got longevity hardwired in your DNA, since you're statistically destined to live longer than non-twins do. If you're a singleton, there's still hope for you when it comes to aging. Researchers continue to unlock the mysteries behind why our bodies break down when they do, and how we can delay or stop the damage to live the longest lives possible. Fine tuning the biological clock

22 August 2016

4 Medical Conditions That Can Benefit From Teleneurology Treatment

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Teleneurology refers to medical care that takes place between a patient and neurologist remotely. Care is typically provided via email or video conferences, but some medical providers may offer additional options for communication, such as postal mail or phone calls. Patients of all ages can use teleneurology solutions if the doctor and patient agree that this method is appropriate, but parents may have to grant consent for children to receive medical care.

4 August 2016

3 Ways To Save Money On Braces

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One of the most expensive dental procedures that you or your child can undergo is getting braces. In most cases, braces for children and adults can easily add up to several thousand dollars. Listed below are three ways to help you save money if you or your child need braces. Dental Schools One of the easiest ways to cut down on the cost of braces is to go to a dental school and have the braces done by students.

25 July 2016