3 Factors That Affect Your Choice In Erectile Dysfunction Medications

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There are several medications available by prescription used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Although your doctor might simply prescribe you one to try, you should consider which ED treatment drugs might be the best choice for your needs. 1. Cost Cost can be a major factor in treating ED and which medication you choose. These medications are considered to be more expensive because the price per pill is usually higher. Medications that have been on the market longer and are available in generic form, such as sildenafil, are generally less expensive.

22 October 2018

The Dos And Don'ts Of Post-Cornea Surgery Recovery

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If you and your ophthalmologist have decided a cornea transplant is the best option for you to restore your vision or relieve pain due to a damaged cornea, you may be anxious about the procedure and recovery period. It is a good idea to read up on the procedure and discuss it with your doctor before your transplant to ensure you understand what will happen. It is also important to have a recovery plan in place before your procedure.

20 September 2018

What Patients Should Know Before Undergoing Enucleation

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Vision loss is among the top 10 disabilities in the United States, with an estimated 3 percent of Americans reporting legal blindness or other visual acuity problems. But while vision loss is common enough that just about everyone knows someone affected by it, certain conditions that require enucleation—the surgical removal of the eye itself—are far rarer. Read on to learn more about the enucleation process, your prosthetic options, and some questions you'll want to ask before undergoing this procedure.

25 July 2018

For Optimal Recovery, See An Orthopedist Right After Your Injury

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  When you suffer an injury, you may be tempted to delay or skip a visit your orthopedist. But this will affect your chances of attaining full recovery. In the long run it will cost you more. Here's what to do in case of an injury. Apply the RICE Method This is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation; some kind of first aid technique. Stop the activity and apply an ice pack on the area.

30 May 2018

Tips For Talking To A Friend Who May Be Struggling With Bulimia

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It can be difficult to suspect that a friend has a health issue, as you may feel conflicted about how to proceed. On the one hand, you want to respect your friend's privacy — but on the other hand, you want to offer assistance if you're able. This situation can be uncomfortable if you believe that your friend has an eating disorder such as bulimia. However, to be a good friend, it's ideal if you can gently raise the issue in a non-judgmental manner and encourage your friend to get help.

30 April 2018

Tips for Dealing with Your Asthma

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If you have asthma, then you know just how hard it can be to work around your condition at times. While other people seem to do just fine on a smoggy day, you may find yourself heading to the emergency room in the middle of an asthma attack. Also, you may be saddened by the fact that you can't own pets without it negatively affecting your breathing, or that there are a lot of cleaning supplies that you are unable to use around your home.

28 March 2018

What You Should Know About Colonoscopies

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Many people go through life not thinking too much about their colon or their digestive systems in general. However, one of the health screenings that is recommended for all people over 50 is a colonoscopy. When most people hear about a colonoscopy, they do not know what to think or expect, and this can fill them with fear or worry. To avoid feeling this way and to better understand colonoscopies, get to know some of the basic facts about a colonoscopy.

3 March 2018

3 Things To Know About Adult Allergies

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When it comes to allergies, most assume that they develop in childhood or that they are present from birth. While many are allergic to certain foods, pollen, dander, and dust from birth, others develop allergies as they age. Adult-onset allergies may come as a surprise to those who develop them but they are more common than you may realize. The allergies that develop during adulthood can also run the gamut from mild to life-threatening.

18 January 2018

A Few Options For Osteoporotic Fracture Treatment

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If you have fallen and can't get up, it could be due to an osteoporotic fracture. Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones lose their density and become brittle. A simple fall or banging up against something may cause them to break. The most common spots for osteoporotic fractures are the hips, spine, and wrists. Your primary care physician or the emergency room doctor may refer you to an orthopedic doctor to help your bone repair.

30 November 2017

EGAD! What You Should Know About PGAD

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If you have been suffering with some embarrassing, confusing, and frustrating symptoms revolving around your genitalia, then you may have a condition called, Persistent genital arousal disorder. This condition is called 'PGAD' for short, and it is characterized by relentless and uncontrollable genital arousal that occurs spontaneously and is most commonly found in women. If you are interested in learning more about this condition, then you may find this article extremely helpful:

9 November 2017