Planning A Funeral When Funds Are Limited


When it comes to planning a funeral when funds are limited, you may feel as though you aren't able to give your loved one the tribute he or she deserves. However, there are many ways to provide a respectful and loving funeral without incurring a significant amount of debt. Here are some things you can do to help ensure your loved one gets a proper funeral while still sticking to a budget.

16 May 2019

Memorial Gifts for Those Who Attend a Cremation Service


When you are planning a cremation service for a lost loved one, you may consider who you want to share in the celebration of the person's life. Since they can be held at any point after the person passes away, these are sometimes even held weeks or months after a death. Because of that, it is not customary to place notices of the memorial in newspapers, whereas funerals are often announced in an obituary.

6 January 2017

Power Problems: Protecting Your Lift Chair From Lightning


If you are getting a lift chair, you're likely concentrating on fit, positions, and other immediately important features of the chair. This is understandable, of course, but you also have to think about issues that might not crop up all that often, such as protecting the electronics in the chair if your area is prone to strong storms. Lift chairs do require power, which means plugging them into an outlet or running them on battery power.

16 January 2016

What To Expect During Your Gender Reveal Ultrasound


If you have opted to go in specifically for a gender reveal ultrasound, then this ultrasound will be a bit different than any other ultrasound that you have received. While your doctor may check your baby's health for certain issues, the main goal of this ultrasound will be to determine the gender of your baby. It is quite a fun and exciting ultrasound as well, so it may be more lighthearted and stress free than others that you have received.

16 December 2015

Four Ways For Beginners To Prevent Sports Injuries


Exercise can be great for your body and mind, but overdoing it when you're just starting out can cause unnecessary strain and lead to injuries. Here are some tips on increasing your fitness while preventing injuries.  One Step at a Time When setting a new exercise goal, it can be tempting to jump to meet your goal right away. However, you can cause yourself more injuries by changing your activity level too quickly.

17 June 2015

Services Of A Midwife: How They Differ From Services Offered By An Obstetrician In A Hospital Setting


Midwives, unlike their medieval counterparts, are required to have a license in obstetrics and registered nursing. It is no longer a profession whereby one woman who is experienced in delivering babies runs from house to house helping women in labor. Instead, a modern midwife spends two to four years training to be a registered nurse, followed by several more weeks of training in obstetrics and midwifery. If you are considering hiring a midwife for your next baby's delivery, there are some key differences between an OB/GYN and a midwife that you should know.

17 April 2015

Hammertoe: Common Causes, Prevention, And Treatment


Hammertoe is a common medical condition that affects one or more toes. It is characterized by a bent middle joint and usually results in pain, inflammation, and corns or callouses. There are numerous causes, as well as treatment options. Read on to learn how you can prevent and treat hammertoe: Causes Three common causes of hammertoe are arthritis, wearing improperly fitting shoes, and an injury to the toe. While some of the causes can be avoided (too tight shoes), others may not be totally avoidable (arthritis).

9 March 2015

It's Only a Flesh Wound! When to Go to the ER vs a Walk-In Clinic


In 2010, Americans visited emergency departments at local hospitals on 129,800,000 occasions. Of these, only 13.3% resulted in hospital admissions. Obviously, life-threatening injuries and illnesses require emergent care, but the cost of emergency room visits makes it much more sensible, in most cases, to seek treatment at an urgent-care or walk-in clinic facility. Non-Emergent Conditions - Rub Some Dirt On It! Many common injuries do not need the specialized (and expensive) treatment available in emergency departments.

27 January 2015

Why Childbirth Classes Are Important


If you are expecting a baby, you may be experiencing a lot of different emotions right now. There's excitement of what's to come, but there's also the fear of the unknown. If you've never been pregnant before, you have no idea on how your body will change, how you'll feel as you experience that change, and more importantly, what childbirth will be like. And while no one can ever give you the exact answers to those questions, there are ways for you to participate in group settings where you can learn first hand what to expect as you go through your pregnancy, and what you can expect as you go through childbirth.

21 January 2015

How To Know When Your Loved One Should Enter An Assisted Living Facility


If you are caring for a parent or aging loved one, it can be difficult to know when they need care beyond what you can provide. Many people want to care for their loved ones themselves without having to remove them from their homes. However, for the health and safety of your loved one it may be necessary to place them in a living situation where they can receive more care than you can offer.

20 January 2015